Friday, April 1, 2011

I am admin of (Edition 1) "Scam or Not"

Whether this communication is a statement of a healthy business?
Does PTC users have positive and negative responses about this?
About email answer PTC :

How to earn money from our site is one of the best online Paid To Read company.We started 19th Jan 2011 at 00:00 The process is amazingly simple. Once you create a free account (only 1 account / member), you can start clicking on links we provide. You will view the advertised website for at least 30 seconds. Your earnings will automatically be deposited into your account! Once you reach $10 000, you can withdraw your earnings by Check,paypal,LibertyReserve, e-Gold, AlertPay and MoneyBookers.
About information website :
Earnings Questions:

How much do I earn by participating in paid-emails?
Each advertiser pays a different amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so we cannot give an exact amount for each visit, however we do give you a large percentage of the amount we earn.

When can I request payment?
You may request payment after you have earned $0.00.

How can I request payment?
As soon as you reach payout, you will see the redemption option appear in your account area, after submitting your redemption request, we will validate your account, and then begin the payment process. You will also have the option to redeem your earnings for discounted advertising with us. When you qualify, you will see what options are available to you in your account area.

When am I paid?
After your payment request is made and your account is in good-standing we will issue payment to you within 30 days.

How am I paid?
Payments are made via the following payment processors: alertpay, check, credit cards, libeertyreserve, moneybookers, PayPal, Perfect Money
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support <>
Dear member,
I am admin of
do you want to get your earning?
ok,it is our promise that every members will get their payments.
you have no time to build your downline?
click this link,you can buy referrals from us,and work for you.
you do not receievd your payments when you request payment?
because you are free member,we will pay the free member after 3 months.
we have so many upgrade member,we should pay them first,please forgive and wait.
you are upgrade membership now?do not worry,you will get your earning at this payment.
want to upgrade your account,click this only need 166$ and it is one time fee,no
other extra this link to pay for upgrade members and get your earning.
only 166$,you will get your earning that you have requested.
want to see the payment proof,it is:
admin of
Does PTC users in the world like this?


  1. Admin of

    So that you are saying after 3 months free members they would get paid as you claim.
    For the free member to believe what you say is true. You need show the real proof. Any good legit business would process the payment fast to prove that this is legit website and company. Then you would show huge increase of upgrades. Any business person would know this. If it too much for one person to process payments. Hire more people. I'm keeping an eye on this website. If I don't receive my payment as you claim that you would be sending in 3 months or sooner to my account.

    Next course of action would not be pretty.

  2. Hello, Admin of

    I paid you $30 dollars to buy referrals, but nothing changed on my account page.
    By the way , my username is "luquanpi".

  3. i'm a free membership in your site. last march 25 2011 i request a redemtion of my earnings in your site untill now i didn't receive any payment came from your site how long it will be process? i was thinking if i upgrade my account on your site how can i asure at this site is not a scam? i want to make it sure... last april 20 i upgrade my account in truemoneyclub. untill now i didn't receive any payment on that site according to the admin i should wait 30 to 60 days it will be procesed the payment. then when i upgrade my account in truemoneyclub according to their information about the platinum membership no minimum payout. when my account has been already activated in platinum membership. i was shock for what i saw.... $10 payout. i hope this site richgoptr will not be the same on truemoneyclub. i need your negligence and liabilty ....... and advice i hope will not discourage in your site rply to my email

    1. Any company making big claims of big money strategies,always first check and see if they have a real physical address and a real contact number which you can call to confirm plus real customer reviews on their websites. No p o box address either. Anything apart from this is scam guaranteed. Good Luck folks!

  4. and i'm a active memberin your site i'd clicks everyday no mist

  5. i'm a free membership in your site, i request my earnings in your site at 27.5.2011. when would i get my earning ? and how can ensure it ? if you are ensure , i will surely upgrade my account. reply me back at

  6. I also upgraded to richgoptr, hope it's true these payments

  7. est ce que y en a deja des gens qui son deja payer pour prouver a nous qu cest vrais ou un de vous zhang mikeal ....

  8. i already request payout at richgoptr..the admin say i wil get paid in 30days..will the money really paid out?luckily i have not pay for upgrade membership..please tell me of a reliable online making money system..

    1. Did you ever get paid from RichGoPTR? If yes, was it what you expected? Any problems? Any advice? Thanks

  9. I requested payment today for the first time. It will be interesting to see if I get paid. This company claims they pay promptly, we will see. I will advise what if any reply I receive from thwm

  10. Well it has been 10 days and not one word from Richgo. I do not think they pay. I receive ads from them claiming they pay within a week. Scam?

    1. I request payment and after 24-48h I received email that I will get my earnings.I am a free member.It says that would pay within 30 business days.Now I wait and we'll see what is going to be.I think that they would pay,on some sites where I am active also as a free member says that they cannot pay me now,they pay first upgrade members.I am not paying any membersip until I get payment.

  11. Am confuse cos of what people are sayinh abt this website. I requested for payment since 21/06/11 but richgoptr have not given me any message to show whether they are processing my accounts till now. Have i been fooled? Or this is a spam? Mail me on ghaborn@rocketmail.comsted for payment since 21/06/11 but richgoptr have not given me any message to show whether they are processing my accounts till now. Have i been fooled? Or this is a spam? Mail me on

  12. I have not seen a single person who has been paid. We will never see our money.

  13. You check to see if there are other people having problems with a company at "GPT"

  14. im just starting in just 3 days later and im worried I cant claim my request pay on can I assure that richgoptr will really give me my share ............for Now I got $6,000 in my earnings and im afraid for this scam issues..................

  15. My Name is Jeanmalyn live in bingag...........nahadlok ako na di ako kabayran sa sakto na oras ...........aranag raba gajud nako kasexy sanan kagwapa.............tapos ijo0 ra ako binuangan.............arui mag pakulata

  16. HELLO everyone.I,m HAN.Just listen to me.I have enough proof that this website is a true scam and i know everybody in the world are giving their hopes into this and then cheat up.The spying agency has found the internet IP ADDRESS of and using satellite it has found that this is a person or more in Atlanta doing scamming and making money from you.When you upgrade it,they get the money from you.You all are not computer specialists or technicians.SO i am going to give you the website of Spys that found about RICHGOPTR.I will give the address of the house in which this scam is going on.Try to see that and please do not hope up in these type of things,that,s just destroying your life.Be good and work for money.Hard work is for true human beings and this is for scammers.Now here is the site and address.copy it and see it.


    1007 Wyland Drive Southwest, Atlanta, GA, United States

    It is the house with violet and white colour.Google it with Google maps.I believe in god and i,m a christian.So please stop wasting your lifes for these stupid site.If you can please tell this to all your friends and let them be happy.Thankyou

  17. i am anoopbaj i am a free member
    i hav requested my payot twice
    on 19 i am expectin a payout
    i donno how far its true or not
    do these sites really pay?

  18. Good day My name is SinSir I've been a member of richgoptr since june 2011 I feel the same pain everyone else does in concern to money owed. I'm owed 60,000 dollars from this site and made the min for payout which had past the promise life span of waiting 30 days with this as a reply from the admin
    Dear member,

    in our site,every free member can reach the min payouts,and the premium membership no min payouts.

    as you konw,a paying site will pay the paid members faster than free member,you are free member,

    so that we can not pay you at this payment date,but premium membership can get their payments at

    this payment date,you can get your earning as free member,but it need time,you should wait.

    you also can upgrade your account and get your earning at this payment date,it will come with 7 days.

    it is the link to upgrade your account,it is simple and easy,it is also the best way.

    you only invest 166$ so you can get your earning early.

    you also have the chance to win the free gift,now we have already sent more than 100 gift to our premium membership.

    maybe you are the next one.

    Don't believe we can afford pay ?

    we have posted all of our payments proof.

    see more details.go to

    you have upgraded your account but you want to earn more money?

    buy referrals,make other people work for you.

    you want to get your earning as free member but you also want to get free gift?

    it is your chance,referral contest win the free figt.


    admin of
    Still I'm a free member and will not pay them anything till my money is transferred to me in order to get the rest of the money out of their account and into mine. If anybody has been paid e mail me details regarding this matter @ would like to know if they do in reality the money is really needed thats why SinSir

  19. i am also a free member in your site i requested payout five months back, till now no pay what called is this site scam or what?..

  20. 30 days since payout request.
    No contact from Richgo.

  21. I've done the payout for 3 times but until now have not done pembayaranya ricgho, what happened?

    1. that mean you already received payment 3 times?

  22. I have joined richgoptr on 27th july 2011. i have requested for free member payout on 11th august 2011. but i didnt got any response. please tell me regarding this site

    mail me on

  23. you will get paid if you are a member upgrade, I can prove to you seen. if one wants to be from $ 38,000 to $ 40,000 in a workweek, the amount spent is $ 2500, can I help you, you can pay immediately. possible after 24 hours or one working week.
    My mail ID:

    1. hi,
      Did you really get paid as an upgraded member and are you still with them now in 2012?
      How long do they pay after request has been made and is it within 30days or longer?
      My name is Liz and I joined in March but have't been paid yet? Is this a scam as so many says?

  24. Dear all,

    Ya the site seems to be fake .But at least i am earning online through other online site which is (GAML) and i am trying to break even .This is good and legal too .i have verified and have got payment to my acount .So guys, leave richgoptr as i also did not got payment .Come to me at to know more about it .i can have a skype meeting with anyone and show me all the legal way to earn money online

  25. Hello everyone,

    I joined RichgoPTR August 26th and already made 2 payout requests totaling $20.000. I refuse to pay them anything because I wanted to test and see if they are legitimate. As a matter of fact, there are 7 other sites that I also joined and have been testing at the same time. They all seem to be one and the same company disguised by different names and websites. I only upgraded into one of these accounts to test their claims and benefits and this week I gave them an ultimatum to either receive a payout directly into my PayPal account or else... because the site that I upgraded says that payments are automatically made weekly and since I made all the upgrades and followed their procedures there should be no reason why I should not be paid. I will make another post by the end of this week to list all of these websites at once if I don't receive anything.

    1. Hi Qswald,

      may i know the 7 website you said at the above?

  26. i am jai shanker & have joined and completed 14 days of work as instructed and reached $10000/- i have requested my first payout and have received an email saying that i have to wait for 30-90 days to get paid if i am in a hurry i should upgrade myself to gold/premium membership by paying nearly $200/-(what an idea jijaji) i will have to wait upto 90 days maximum and then act as i wish if i do not get paid my email id is

  27. Dear Sir,
    I am a Bangladeshi named Md. Shakhawate Hossain, Senior Teacher, Junior Laboratory High School, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209.
    I am a standered member of I have singed up at 18.08.2011 and first payment request date was 25.08.2011 and the second payment request was 25.09.2011. But the website does not give my payment till. I have contracted with them several times but they have replied me to upgrade premium member. I am not able to buy premium member because of my disabiilty of my economy.
    If you don't mined please tell me about this site. Please tell me what I will do about my payment.
    I will wait for your mail
    Md. Shakhawate Hossain
    e mail:

  28. Hello friends,
    ikonimatt1 in Richgoptr. those ptr you see are one. You can check their help link and you will discover that they are the same. They will post their fals payout proof. why is the detail on the payment proof dose not function. I have made a request for payout 4 times on free membership which is 40,000 usd. I have not received any cash. Until they pay me am not ready for anyone again. likewise,,, etc.

    1. It will pay you if you are an active member and has ref.
      I have proof and I can help you earn $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 in a month with only $ 2,000, send mail to me:

  29. all of them are scam it s too good to be true

  30. 2011/12/7 support
    Dear Premium Member,

    We have receive your Premium payment request.

    Your name on our payouts list now,so we will pay you.

    Now,please pay the transfer fee 200$ as soon as possible,then we will pay you that you requested in 24 hours.

    7 das later if you do not pay the fee,we will dealy your payment and you should wait.

    click this link to pay it.

    Click here to Paid the transfer fee.

    Click here to see Premium Members who paid the fee get payment in 24 hour


    THIS IS THEY ANSWER TO MY PAYOUT REEQUEST....!!!! my email is : ganardelinternet@gmail please tell about this kind of sites. paypermails, payingmails, mailcash24,ggmvpclub...

  31. Portero by law and a scam, most guys do not fool yourselves, and come forward to make them pay for these buffoons

    1. It will pay you if you are an active member and has ref.
      I have proof and I can help you earn $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 in a month with only $ 2,000, send mail to me:

  32. I still haven't got paid for what I did and that's been almost a year now. It's always "if you upgrade" and what, get screwed out of that money too...The only thing that I AM STUPID about is believing that "I would get paid"...What a joke..this goes for Rich0go PTr-Dollar PTR and I'm quite sure they own more that I've been screwed out of because I did join a few under the assumption that I would get paid and still haven't...

  33. Replies
    1. It will pay you if you are an active member and has ref.
      I have proof and I can help you earn $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 in a month with only $ 2,000, send mail to me:

  34. Nó sẽ trả tiền cho bạn nếu bạn là một thành viên năng động và có nhiều ref.
    tôi có bằng chứng và tôi có thể giúp bạn kiếm được 35000$ đến 40000$ trong một tháng chỉ với 2000$, hãy gửi mail cho tôi :

  35. It will pay you if you are an active member and has ref.
    I have proof and I can help you earn $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 in a month with only $ 2,000, send mail to me:

  36. It is a totally scam site.. i am also an free member of this site till yet i earned $7000.. I dnt feel that they will pay. .... still hope for best ....
    mail id is:

  37. Ich bin auch bei der registriert,und eine Auszahlung über 10.000 Doller beantragt.Als Antwort kam dann folgender Text:

    Ich der Admin von
    Sie werden sicherlich verstehen,das wir
    zuerst unseren zahlenden Premiumuser auszahlen müssen.Sie können erst verlangen Zahlung wenn Sie 50.000 Doller verdient haben.Wenn Sie nicht warten können,empfehlöe ich ihnen ein Premiumaccount zu eröffnen.
    Es ist nicht teuer und Sie erhalten ihr Geld weniger Sekunden.

    Der Witz dabei ist auch,das auf der Homepage für freie User eine Zahlung schon ab 10.000 Doller möglich ist,und nicht erst ab 50.000 Doller.

    Ihr rate euch allen von Zahlungen an richgoptr ab.Sie wollen nur die User abzocken,und dann hörst du nichts mehr von denen.

    Wenn 1.000 User 200 Dollar bezahlen,dann
    haben die fast 200.000 Doller abgezockt.

    Bitte nicht zahlen,Sie werden niemals zahlen.

    Blog geschrieben von: Jörg Brunahl

  38. Hi there, me too..a membe in richgo ptr, the admin keep telling me the samething..what they says, its a basic knowledge that some one joined, and always will see the first payment either receiving or not to upgrade, the ugrading will be done after that, because of the new member may dont have money to upgrade and he may wait to collect his first earnings, but here the admin does a kind of black main to upgrade first, who knows they will start to say later after upgrading, something else, or just keeping silence. me too..i have my PDF copies i have earned, please when you all takes action against the side, i am too..always with you all to fight against spam, its pretty bad, playing with peoples feelings and resources for this site owners personnel interests


  39. from all the comments i have read, this should be a scam. Even though i am a member.. am goingyo cancel my account and i advise others to do so. there is no way they can accumlate thousands of dollars and pay you later. NO BODY SHOULD UPGRADE ANY THING.

  40. hello
    I am a premium and I have paid you the fee

  41. Hello
    my email is

    I HAVE PAid YOU for upgrad my account IN 16/01/2012 NUM OF TRANSACTION "16Y32711Y8367112L"
    with id paypal :

    AND I HAVE PAid YOU THE FEE IN 26/05/2012 NUM OF TRANSACTION "1R3633074W5099413"
    with id paypal:

    so I would like to know when you will pay me please?

    Best regards

  42. oh my hopeless...richgoptr is tottaly scammer...sad!

  43. Account Balances
    Total Cash Balance: $ 92,550.0000

    Account Transaction History
    07/17/2012 02:38 Paid Mail Earnings 108,750.00000
    05/17/2012 18:57 Paid To Click Earnings 3,300.00000
    09/11/2011 19:53 free members request -10,000.00000
    08/26/2011 02:53 free members request -10,000.00000
    08/16/2011 02:57 Sign-up Bonus 500.00000

    I am a free member and made 2 paidout requests.Till now I have not received any payments which stated on Terms and Conditions-as soon as reach $10000.Free member can request for paidout.How about this??Contact me at yusmadful@gmailcom

  44. Guys just don't waste ur time on this site and also on these:
    .... they just show dreams, nothing else.
    I joined richgoptr yesterday and within 2 days my balance was $ 3075.. Fucking asshole, these sites are going to pay this amount in just 14 days..fools,,,please dont ever try them..i already wasted my 8-10 hrs in 2 days.. atleast "" is much more helpful..

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